Who cleans up blood and body fluid biohazards?

Property owners and site administrators are ultimately responsible for cleaning up biohazardous material, but they don’t have to take on the job themselves. That’s when they call in privately-operated companies dedicated to Trauma Cleanup, specifically those who are experts in cleaning up blood spills and decomposition. ServAdvanced is a trusted and experienced biohazard cleaning company.

Biohazard cleaning includes waste material removal that contains infectious or potentially infectious matter, such as blood. ServAdvanced understands that placing the call to a biohazard cleanup company is not easy for most individuals – and that this situation requires another level of compassion and understanding .

Biohazard-related situations such as crime scene, trauma, suicides, and other related events, can be very emotional for property owners due to the tragic nature of the events leading up to the need for biohazard cleanup services. In spite of this, it’s important to hire a trained professional so as not to risk the danger of liability from improper cleanup efforts or exposure to potentially hazardous materials associated with a biohazard-related event. Call ServAdvanced for your Crime Scene/Trauma Cleanup needs. These services can include something as simple as the removal of fingerprint powder, or evidence-gathering chemical residue related to severe injury claims. Our certified technicians are trained to handle the emotionally devastating cleaning of events such as crime scenes and trauma scenes with discretion. We will restore your property to its pre-event condition. Our trained technicians can work with landlords, property owners, and homeowners, providing cleaning services related to Crime Scene/Trauma Cleanup.